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Snyder's daughter

A picture of Snyder's daughter, from his desk

"Good things come to the loyal. Fuck me Katie!"
-Alan Snyder, Season One

"You're willing to go to The Factory for a screwdriver?"
-Alan Snyder, Season Two

Alan Snyder is the former Proxy Governor of the Los Angeles Bloc and currently Governor General of Seattle Colony. In season two, he is the warden of a labor camp outside Los Angeles, but by the end of the season he is on the run with the Bowmans and fleeing the LA Bloc.

In season one, Alan Snyder is the pragmatic, charismatic, arrogant, self serving, cowardly and cynically manipulative leader of the Transitional Authority in Los Angeles. After The Arrival, he was made leader of the Occupation in L.A. Armed with the Redhat army and drones backing him up, Snyder’s Transitional Authority is tasked with keeping order and stability in Los Angeles.

He claims, in the episode "YOKNAPATAWPHA", to have met The Hosts when he was chosen to run the L.A. bloc as proxy governor. This was later (in 2x01) proven true.

Snyder is an educated man and was apparently already very successful before The Arrival. He originally claimed to have a PhD in Economics and to have been the Provost of Stanford University, controlling a multi-billion dollar budget and that The Hosts thought him the ideal candidate to run the L.A. bloc. It is revealed in Season 2 that he was actually a purchasing manager for Western Community College and came to the attention of The Hosts because he was successful at accumulating wealth in a relatively low paying job. He was approached before The Arrival by two men claiming to be recruiters from the "Institute for Global Advancement".

He's stated that he was from Long Island originally but was living in Palo Alto at the time of The Arrival. It's confirmed that he was relocated when he accepted the role of Proxy Governor of the L.A. bloc from The Hosts, just before The Arrival.[1]

He tells Katie Bowman that the was recruited after The Arrival, though his manner when he does so seems to tell us that it's a lie. Later on in the same episode, "YOKNAPATAWPHA", he tells Will that The Hosts already had the information in the Rolodex database when they arrived. In the first episode of Season 2 it's revealed that Snyder was recruited just before The Arrival.

Snyder knows that he needs someone with Will Bowman's skills to combat the growing threat from The Resistance and recruits Will with the implied promise that he will get his son Charlie Bowman, back. Snyder knows how to make people do what he wants.


Before The Arrival[]

Alan Snyder arrives at work, Western Community College, talking to his wife on his cell phone. They are discussing their divorce and their shared house. He cuts her off, saying that he's at work now and can't talk.

Snyder is taken to a hidden building on the LA river in a convoy of official looking cars. He's given warm clothing and taken into a very cold room, to meet one of The Hosts.

Back in the car, the man who spoke to him at the office explains that he's being asked to make a choice. Snyder is shaken and can barely speak. They take him to his wife's house. he tries to persuade her to leave the city as soon as she can, she doesn't believe him. The two men follow him into the house and Snyder tells them to take his daughter. Snyder says that The Hosts will only take one - his ex-wife. They drag his daughter out to the car, leaving her mother behind. ("Eleven.Thirteen")

Season One (Present Time)[]

Will is identified as Will Bowman and taken to Alan Snyder, the Proxy Governor. Snyder wants Will to give him the leader of the resistance “Geronimo”, in return for the lives of his family.

In the morning they are woken by Snyder cooking breakfast in their kitchen. He offers them luxuries, bacon, coffee, tutors for the children and protection in return for Will’s services. Will says he wants his son back, which Snyder says that “Good things come to the loyal.”.

Later on, Katie goes to see someone, it turns out to be the resistance. She tells them that Will has taken the job with Snyder and that this gives them someone on the inside her.

That evening there's a queue to get in The Yonk. The re-opening is a success, even when Snyder arrives and lets everyone know he's allowing this to happen. After overhearing a conversation between Snyder and Will, Katie disappears to a room in the back and Will has to go and find her. They argue. The stress of working for the Resistance and having to keep it from Will is telling on Katie and Will is very unhappy with the things he's part of at work.

Upstairs Alan Snyder is bragging to Phyllis about how he's told The Hosts that Geronimo has been captured. Phyllis cuts him down to size by making him admit that he didn't talk to them directly but through someone called Helena. When Will tells them he doubts that the man they've arrested in the mastermind of The Insurgency Snyder is visibly worried.

Phyllis is driven to her home in the Green Zone, past all of the security checks. When she gets home, she tells her driver t pick her up at 8.30 in the morning. As she walks in she takes a call on a satellite phone and we hear her side of the conversation. She talks about Snyder and about Katie. At one point she says "I don't know, their perception of time makes that unpredictable." It's not clear who she's referring to.

In contrast to McMahon, Alan Snyder is visibly scared, rather than upset, when he arrives. He's shocked at the idea that someone in the Green Zone might have killed her or might have been involved. He backs Will, and tell him to "find Geronimo".

Snyder announces the capture of the young man and woman from the print shop and calls it an “overwhelming victory” against “the selfish forces of terror”.

Snyder in Interrogation Snyder joins in with the interrogation of the couple and takes Will in with him. It becomes obvious that these two are not masterminds of The Resistance.

We Had a Deal Snyder makes a deal with Ortega, he will spare his life and move him to another location if Ortega confesses at his trial.

Meanwhile, even before his trial, workers are building a scaffold to hang Louis Ortega. The trial is televised and, from what we see of it, one sided and staged. Ortega is fond guilty and sentenced to death. After the trial, Snyder double-crosses Ortega, and hangs him.

We pick up right where Episode 105 "Geronimo" left off with Snyder getting Will to go with him in the convoy that takes him from the courthouse after the public hanging of Luis Ortega.

With the televised execution playing on the TV in the room, Helena Goldwyn is doing yoga when the phone rings. It's the same model of satellite phone that Phyllis used. We only hear her side of the conversation but it's obvious that the higher-ups in the Transitional Authority have decided to leave Snyder to sink or swim and will not intervene if he gets himself into trouble.

Snyder gets Will to go with him in the convoy that takes him from the courthouse after the public hanging of Luis Ortega. The convoy is ambushed by The Resistance in an operation that includes Eric Broussard in Homeland Security uniform and Katie Bowman timing the proceedings so that they are away before the drones can arrive. There are also about a dozen fake Red Hats. Broussard starts everything by shooting the other Red Hats in his vehicle. This causes a crash which disables the driver of Snyder and Will's car.

The fake Red Hats obscure the windows of Snyder's car with paint, then tear off a rear passenger door.Will and the other security man in Snyder's car surprise the fake Red Hats by firing as soon as the door goes and killing several fake Red Hats.

At one point, Broussard has a clear shot at Will, which he doesn't take. He lets Will go and kills the other security man instead. Will reverses away at speed as Katie calls time on the operation at 90 seconds.

When the drones arrive a few seconds later the fake Red Hats have gone and Katie drives away quietly.Will and Snyder ditch the car and cross the L.A. River using a footbridge. Snyder is terrified and is complaining and criticising. Will tells him to shut up - Snyder does.

Will and Snyder head for The Yonk. Will bangs on the emergency exit, hoping Katie will be in early.

Katie has just returned to The Yonk, changed clothes and hidden her gun and is waiting anxiously for word over the radio that everyone is alright. She lets Will and Snyder in. She is very surprised to see Snyder. She hides the radio while Snyder panics and blusters.

Will asks if Snyder can call the drones. Snyder admits that he can't, and says that he only wants Lagarza involved in picking him up, he only trusts Lagarza now.

Katie gets Will into the office on his own on the pretext of using the landline there to call Lagarza. She challenges Will about him bringing Snyder to The Yonk. When they go back out to Snyder in the bar, they tell him the landline is dead. While they're talking Katie sees that Will is injured. Will goes to find a payphone.

At the Resistance Cell, Quayle arrives and Broussard gives him a report, they're interrupted by a young man who tells Broussard that there's a call from Katie. Katie gets him to repeat that Will is "off limits" and she tells him Snyder is at The Yonk.

Snyder and Katie talk in the office. Katie is reluctant but does make conversation with him. she asks and he tells her that he was the Provost at Stanford University at the time of The Arrival (a real job, link here) and he was approached to run L.A. Katie asks if he was approached before "The Arrival" and he hesitates before answering "after". She also asks about other colonies and he tells her that the Pacific Coast region, Oregon and Washington contain 7 colonies, but that that's all he knows. He also says that the land between the colonies is somewhere you don't want to be.

Will arrives back; he's called Lagarza and he's on his way - 21 minutes out. Snyder complains at the delay. Katies looks after Will's arm. She tries to persuade Will to give Snyder to the Resistance but he's not persuaded. When they go back out of the bathroom Snyder tells them that he has confirmation that their son Charlie is alive and that he's working to get him back.

While they're talking, Broussard bangs on the door, on his own in his Red Hat uniform. Katie lets him in and he searches the building. He looks into the bathroom where Snyder is hiding but does not check the stall. He gets Katie to escort him down into the cellar so that they can talk without being overheard. In the cellar Broussard admits that he knows where Snyder is and tells her to get him out of the back door. He leaves from he front door. Katie points out that the Red Hat was on his own - something Red Hats never do, and Will points out to Snyder that he'd left his jacket in plain sight.

Will and Katie barricade the bar as well as they can against the fake Red Hats they know are coming. Snyder is increasingly panicky. 7 minutes until Lagarza will be with them.

Snyder openly uses Charlie as a bargaining chip and Katie attacks him, very nearly forcing him out of the door into Broussard's hands. She sees the fake Red Hats out there through the partially opened door before Will gets it closed, saving Snyder again. Will stands between Katie and the Proxy Governor. Snyder almost pleads with them, saying that those who are plotting to take his seat would be far worse. He seems to really believe that he's the best option for L.A.

Quayle, meanwhile, loses patience and tells Broussard to get Snyder and to break their agreement with Katie if need be.

Snyder reveals that the Rolodex was used by the Hosts, and that they had all that information with them "when they arrived" and that it was a "humbling moment" when he met them.

Will hears them starting to come in and orders Snyder into the office and Katie into the cellar, she argues but finally agrees.

Snyder turns out to have been hiding in a cupboard under the bar. He orders Will to find Broussard and leaves.

Broussard's picture is up on the wall at Homeland Security HQ with the name "Dwight Ford". Jennifer McMahon, Will Bowman and Alan Snyder are looking at the picture. Will asks Snyder to give Jennifer access to the Rolodex so that they can track him down. Dwight Ford is Broussard's alias when he's working for Homeland Security and Will organises a raid on his registered address. When they get there a bomb explodes as they knock in the door, killing four members of the team. Big explosion.

The next day Will goes to the Green Zone and is escorted to Snyder's new house, "Hill Haven, Ingrid Bergman lived here once", to meet him. Will tells Snyder about the various identities they've uncovered for Dwight Ford. Snyder gives Will an envelope, about Charlie. Back at home, Will is still staring at the, unopened, envelope when Katie gets back from work; inside is a recent picture of Charlie.

Helena is waiting for Alan Snyder when he arrives for work. She tells him that a senior member of the Transitional Authority, the Chief Minister of the Pacific Coast, is visiting LA for a "performance review". Snyder smiles and Helena gloats, warning him that his methods are under review.

Will goes to see Snyder, tells him about Quayle and the deal, Snyder is receptive, he likes to make deals (see Luis Ortega) and wants to meet Quayle.

Will takes Snyder to meet Quayle, at a theatre. Quayle clearly knows his way around the capabilities of the Transitional Authority. Quayle says that he will set up a meeting with Broussard and some others, after which Bowman (Will) will escort him through The Wall. Snyder agrees.

Snyder asks questions about the failure and Will blames Lagarza again. Jennifer McMahon identifies Alexander Quayle and tells them about him. Snyder, deal forgotten, wants Quayle in Interrogation and Will goes to get him with Beau. Lagarza is suspicious of Will and exchanges a look with Jennifer as they leave.

Will and Beau say that Quayle and the guards were dead when they got there. Snyder doesn't believe it and is livid, says that he's losing faith in Will.

Beau and Will share a beer later, they both know that the story they've told Snyder won't last long.

The morning of Day 367, and Will and Beau, as part of Homeland Security investigate some of the Redhat deaths of the night before. They remember The Arrival themselves and Will talks about how he had to fight his way across the city to get to Katie, about hearing of his colleagues being killed and not being able to go home. They have obviously been planning and waiting for an opportunity. They decide that these disturbances will persuade Snyder to do whatever they ask him to.

Alan Snyder, at Homeland Security HQ and trailed by Lagarza and his entourage, is sounding panicky as he complains to Jennifer that the extra resources he'd deployed had done no good at all. Jennifer is taking him through the events of the evening before in more detail when Will and Beau are waiting for him and ask to speak to Snyder in private. They say they have information that operations are being directed and carried out from outside the colony, from the Downtown area which is the other side of The Wall, and abandoned. Snyder is sceptical but agrees to them investigating; he also has Lagarza go with them.

Alan Snyder gets a visit from Nolan, he presses Nolan to give him details of a plan to replace him as Proxy Governor that's been commissioned by Helena Goldwyn's office. Nolan squirms on the hook a little but agrees to do it.

Lagaza and his team arrive and Will and Beau pretend they just missed someone escaping. Lagarza finds Will’s "hidden" map, which they take back to Snyder. The map shows that the attacks are coordinated, and this corroborates the story that they’ve been trying to sell. Snyder tells them that Homeland Security have found a tunnel underneath the wall, which sounds like the tunnel Bram and his girlfriend Pia use, and they are going to shut it down. Will wants to use this tunnel to escape and persuades Snyder that they can set a trap instead. He doesn't know that the tunnel is used by Bram and Pia.

Nolan comes to meet Snyder, who asks if he knew about the Chief Minister’s visit that’s taking place. Nolan insists he has no idea about any plan to replace Snyder, Snyder doesn’t believe . Later he's with the Redhats who raid his house; he finds the new portrait Maddie’s gotten them. “This is the sort of thing that should be up with our hosts.” Nolan claims no knowledge of it and, for once, he seems to be telling the truth. HIs wife Charlotte tried to blame Maddie but Maddie says she’s “just an assistant.” and Charlotte is taken away. Nolan brings Snyder the proposal later, Snyder says there’s going to be a fight if they’re going to keep their jobs. Nolan seems to have chosen sides, Maddie and Snyders sides.

In the Homeland Security HQ main office Helena Goldwyn is briefing the staff on what has happened. She also tells them that she's in charge now, not Alan Snyder.

Alan Snyder goes in search of his daughter, he finds the group house she's living in and offer her a pass that will let her leave the LA Bloc. She declines it, it's obvious they're not on speaking terms.

Season Two (Present Time)[]

Bram sees a familiar face in the labor camp's mess hall: it's Alan Snyder. Snyder seems to be in charge and is trying to crack down on the thievery. Snyder recognizes Bram, doesn't say anything, but does appear to nod slightly as he turns away.

The guards bring Bram to Snyder. He gives him a steak dinner, which he eats, and some new boots, which he rejects, pointing out he’ll just get beaten up again for them. Snyder tells him he's noticed the fights always break out in the loading dock, nowhere else. Bram realizes what Snyder already understands: the fights are a distraction and people are stealing when no one is paying attention. Snyder makes the Bram an offer: if Bram spies, Snyder will get him out of the camp. He lets Bram know that he was the one who gave Will Bowman a pass so that he could go and find Charlie. Bram agrees; he confronts the girl who set him up, wanting to know exactly what she's up to.

Tensions rise in the labor camp when Alan Snyder's day begins with an explosion - it looks like someone accidentally blew themselves up trying to make a bomb. Jenkins, makes the prisoners stand for hours on end to get them to talk, but it doesn't work and he starts to beat every third prisoner with his baton. He's about to start on Bram when Snyder intervenes and Maya takes note. When Maya confronts Bram later, he doesn't deny he's working with Snyder, and offers to feed him bad information to let her continue whatever she's up to. She tells him to relay that the bombing was the work of a three-person gang, Pinto and Lyons were helping Morales steal supplies for his bomb, and that they were going to blow a hole in the fence and escape. She says Pinto and Lyons are willing to be sent to the Factory for their cause.

Acting on the tip from Bram, Snyder comes for Pinto and Lyons and orders them brought to interrogation. But Jenkins has plans of his own, and shoots them in the head in front of everyone. Bram is horrified he essentially got the men executed. Later, Snyder is upset but resigned. He explains to Bram, over a drink, that he’s "technically" in charge of Jenkins, but compares it to trying to train a bear. He tells Bram to keep doing good work and promises they’ll both make it out alive. Snyder is called away by the news that a special shipment requiring extra security, Greyhats as it turns out, is arriving. Bram seems to make a choice about what side he's really on when he tells Maya about it.

When power couple of Maddie Kenner and Deputy Proxy Nolan Burgess visit the labor camp, they have different agendas. While Maddie talks to Bram, Nolan claims he wants to do a routine inspection. But he has more in mind. Lording his position over Alan Snyder, and claiming he’s the reason Snyder was spared, Nolan asks to see the special shipment that’s headed "off planet". Snyder reminds Nolan doing so would be a violation of the rules, but Nolan insists and Snyder takes him to the warehouse to see rows upon rows of giant crates. Nolan insists on seeing the Global Authority's shipment and opens one of the crates, revealing a gleaming white pod; it looks as if it could hold a person –- or a RAP. Nolan is dazzled and calls it proof of his faith. Later, Snyder calls the Governor General Helena Goldwyn to report Nolan's snooping, and makes a point of saying he only showed Nolan the "empty ones". He's obviously trying to curry favor with Helena by selling out Nolan, but it's unclear if it works.

While Maya and Bram are having sex, she asks him to steal Snyder's access card.

When the two of them leave the container they've been using for privacy, the two members of the group who've been standing watch seem to know what's been happening. Bram does what Maya asks and also tells Snyder of an escape planned for that day and Snyder promises to try to send him home. When Bram brings the keycard to Maya, she pours him a drink and they drink a toast "to liberty", as Frankie Brun did with another young man.

Maya's team fake the escape Bram told Snyder about earlier, she and Bram take advantage of the chaos to sneak into the warehouse, where the pods are out of their crates and shrouded in red drapes.The departing cargo ship has problems immediately, It struggles to gain height Then it explodes.

The leader of Frankie's cell of the Red Hand is revealed and puts Will in his most tenuous position yet at work. The Transitional Authority scrambles to avoid blame after the bombing of the host ship and Alan Snyder shows ruthlessness – and compassion. The resistance partnerships continue to crumble and Lindsey drops the nice act, for one second.

Alan Snyder is shown the bodies of Sgt. Jenkins and the young woman who was kicked out of her pod to make room for Maya and her bomb. He tells the Redhat who showed hom to clean it up, and to not leave a trace behind. Bram is reeling from the death of his friend Maya and Snyder is on the warpath. He knows Bram stole his access card, and seems to be genuinely hurt by the betrayal. He tells Bram that he signed his own death warrant and that of every other person in the camp - unless it "didn't happen". With no evidence, no one can prove the bomb came out of their camp. Bram doesn’t want to give up his friends, so Snyder presents the options: "Either some of us die, or all of us die; you get the honor of deciding which of those it’s going to be." We don't see him actually do it, but it looks as if Bram is about to write the names down.

When Bram still won’t cooperate, Snyder executes the suspected collaborators.

Helena Goldwyn's SUV races up to the labor camp and before Alan Snyder can spin his story of innocence, she tells him it’s already been decided. She hustles him into her car as the camp residents look on. At the last minute, Snyder goes back and manages to bring Bram along with him. The whole area is destroyed behind them, as they drive away.

Following the attack, the Bowman family is moved to a new home. Snyder brings Bram to his family in their much smaller quarters. Bram is feeling a mixture of disgust at Snyder’s murder of his friends and enormous gratitude that Snyder went out of his way to save him. He doesn’t understand how Snyder can work for the hosts. Snyder points out that he’s just doing the same as Will and everyone who is holding out hope that someday things will be different.

Governor General Helena Goldwyn is coldly furious when she learns that the Bowmans have escaped and that the pilot still hasn't been found. Proxy Alcana thinks things are going well, based on the growth of the Greatest Day and the surveillance state. Goldwyn isn’t impressed, saying she misplaced her faith in him and is going to make some key personnel changes. Alcala flatly rejects her changes and threatens her. Goldwyn lets him go, letting him think he's won. As soon as he leaves, Goldwyn places a call to Alan Snyder.

Snyder makes the rounds at Helena Goodwin's behest, letting it be known that anyone having an issue with Proxy Alcala can come straight to him. He visits the Bowman’s old house, which is being picked apart by Blackjacks, and then Dan Bennett at Homeland Security. Snyder suggests that Bennett should want to be on the winning team. "I have returned from the dead, Mr. Bennett. Do you really want to bet against me?" Snyder says, telling Bennett to report to him from now on.

Snyder leaves his modest apartment and is driven to Ambassador King's mansion in the Green Zone. King explains he's only on a fact-finding mission. Snyder relays Helena Goldwyn's concerns about Proxy Alcala, but the Ambassador thinks the bloc needs to project "stability and confidence" and removing yet another Proxy would send the wrong message. Snyder asks for King's support for Los Angeles, but the Ambassador says he can't promise it if something else happens. Snyder leaves in his official SUV, as it drives out of the gate we see catch a glimpse of Bram and Patrick about to enter the grounds. He heads to the Minister of Intelligence's house. He sends his Redhat security to pick up a file from Helena's office, saying he'll be at least an hour. Just as they drive off, Snyder hears gunshots. Unable to get inside the house, Snyder runs wildly, seeing Red Hand members shooting around him. He runs into the woods and hides until dark, when Redhats find him cowering in the dirt and leaves. Later, with Helena, Snyder is angry and ready to strike back. Snyder thinks they need leverage on Alcala to undermine him. He suggests using Nolan Burgess.

As soon as Snyder leaves, King calls to check in with the International Global Authority, saying his report is forthcoming. As soon as he hears gunshots outside, he calls back and security walks him through what to do. He's clearly out of his element. The man on the phone directs him to a safe to get a shotgun, then tells him how to load it. King sees Patrick coming down the hallway and shoots twice, killing him. King rounds the corner and comes face to face with Bram. Bram shoots King repeatedly in the chest, killing him. Bram dips his hand in King's blood and, on his way out, he leaves a Red Hand symbol in blood on the door.

After learning from Dan Bennett about the file Katie downloaded from Nolan Burgess' (Adrian Pasdar) computer, Snyder suggests to Goldwyn that they use the info to get Nolan to turn on Alcala. Snyder's conscience briefly starts to show and he asks Goldwyn if the data showing the bloc trending toward extinction is accurate. She lets him know it's accurate.

Snyder visits Nolan, who thinks Goldwyn has been weakened and doesn't want to bet on her. Snyder extols the virtues of hedging bets, saying doing so has gotten him this far. He observes coolly to Nolan: "It's interesting how all your women wind up in space." But later, with Bennett's help, Snyder locates Maddie. She's in interrogation, still in her nightgown. She has already signed a confession to keep her son safe, but Snyder tears it up. Maddie sees through Snyder's benevolent act, but also sees she doesn't have many options. "The more you can give me on Nolan, the more I can help you.", he says. As Snyder is leaving, she asks if the Greatest Day promises are real. Snyder tells her no.

Nolan Burgess comes home to find Snyder sitting at his desk. Snyder reveals that he talked to Maddie and she will blame the stolen file on Nolan. Snyder doesn't care if it’s true, both men know it makes Nolan look bad to the Hosts. If Nolan helps get rid of Alcala, Snyder says Goldwyn will make him proxy. For his part, Snyder thinks he'll do very well managing from the shadows. Nolan offers a toast to "old friendships and new roads". Later, Snyder surveys the carnage at the theater with Bennett. When he sees the homing device from the gauntlet, Snyder knows Broussard was behind it.

Goldwyn confronts Alcala with evidence that he's been falsifying his reports to the IGA. Alcala knows Nolan must have turned on him. Goldwyn explains that the bloc needs to project stability, so Alcala will remain proxy—in name only. People she trusts will be running things. At home, Nolan is on the phone trying to get a message to someone to check a file when Red Hats come in with guns drawn and take him away. He realizes too late that Snyder has lied to him. Later, Maddie is ushered into the house and given ten minutes to collect her things. She's allowed to walk out of the Green Zone, free but alone.

Snyder and Goldwyn toast their victory over Alcala as they watch a transport ship blast into space for the Factory. Snyder suggests whoever took out the Red Hand did them a huge favor. Now they just need to rein in the Greatest Day, and let the "normal" people take control of their bloc. They're interrupted when Goldwyn gets a call from Sabine Arnuad, the chief counsel with the IGA. She’s calling with bad news: The Hosts have just sent word that the Los Angeles Bloc has been scheduled for "Total Rendition".

Snyder notices the bloc is abuzz with activity and goes searching for answers. Homeland Security is full of Redhats when he stops by to see Dan Bennett. Bennett tells him the bloc is being evacuated to San Fernando because the annihilation of the labor camp has hurt the supply chain, but Snyder immediately calls him on it and Bennett reveals it’s an exhaustive search for the gauntlet.

Snyder next heads to Goldwyn, demanding an explanation. She tells him the hard line Hosts have been waiting for an excuse to crack down. Total Rendition begins in six hours. Goldwyn is getting a position with the Global Authority and says that she has a place for Snyder on her staff, in Europe. Goldwyn tells Snyder that his daughter's name is on the "exemption list", but she can't come with them overseas. Snyder brings his information to the Global Authority, not through Goldwyn. A Blackjack tells him if secured the gauntlet he’d “never want for anything again.”

Snyder goes to a meet alone with Will, who brings Broussard. He tells them about the impending Total Rendition –- all humans will be rounded up and sent to the Factory –- because the Hosts are looking for Broussard and the gauntlet. Snyder shares Goldwyn’s offer to him to go work for the GA in Europe. But he’s not interested. In a shocking announcement, instead Snyder asks to go with them. He seems disillusioned: “After spending all day watching the rats fleeing the sinking ship, I decided I just don’t want to be a rat anymore,” he says.

Snyder summons his security team and Will and Katie jump them for their clothes and SUV. When the Bowman kids meet up with Snyder, he turns into a human being for a moment and tries to relate to them, but Bram hasn’t forgotten Snyder’s ruthless execution of his friends in the camp. The Bowmans and Snyder load into the SUV and head for the gateway, with Will and Katie in the front seat dressed as Redhats. Snyder says he’s on orders from Goldwyn to take the kids to a youth zone and gives papers to the sergeant at the checkpoint. Snyder knows that Goldwyn already evacuated and they won’t be able to reach her to confirm. The group waits in the SUV for an eternity to see if the sergeant will believe their story. He asks them to get out of the car. When the Redhats find the gauntlet and start to open it, Will reacts. He takes off his mask and raises his gun, counting on them to recognize him and his desperation. He tells the gateway Redhats about Total Rendition and suggests they call San Fernando and see if they’re really processing evacuees. No one answers. Will asks the Redhats if they’re willing to bet their lives that he’s lying. Katie appeals to the sergeant’s humanity. With the entire Bowman family’s fate in his hands, the sergeant finally decides to let them go.

On the empty road beyond the Wall, the Bowmans and Snyder breathe huge sighs of relief to have escaped from the bloc just in time. They see the ships overhead in their rearview mirror and are grateful for their freedom.

And then Snyder reaches into his pocket and surreptitiously pushes the button to activate ... something.