"In Hollywood, there is no bigger commitment you can make than to a TV series. Even marriages pale in comparison. Marriages don't require signing iron-clad multiyear contracts. At least, most first marriages don't."
-Carlton Cuse

"Never put superglue on your glasses."
-Carlton Cuse

Carlton Cuse was born to American parents, his father was working in Mexico for Cuse's grandfather when he was born.

When the family moved to Boston, Cuse became a supportter of the Boston Red Sox and this survived another move to California from where Cuse was sent to a boarding school, The Putney School in Vermont, and continues today. The Putney school emphasised music and the arts and it was here that, Cuse says, that he realised he wanted to be a writer.

Apart from his work on Colony, Cuse is best known for his work on Lost (2004-2010) as executive producer and joint showrunner with Damon Lindelof. Since then he's also filled senior roles on: Bates Motel, The Strain, and The Returned. He's currently also working on a series for Amazon about the Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan.

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