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"We wanted, particularly in the first episode of the show, to take the audience back and allow the audience to really experience what The Arrival was like. We feel like the first episode of season 2 has a big reset to it. You can really understand, from that episode, what the show is about. "
-Carlton Cuse

Colony‘s season 2 premiere uses flashback to show the arrival of the Hosts, the devastating invasion and quick subjugation of the humans.


"Will and Katie try to keep their family together in the changing city; Broussard returns home; Snyder receives a job offer from a mysterious organization.

Katie Bowman Finds out what is outside the blocks, but may lose more than she imagined. "
-Official Synopsis

Much of this episode, the first of Season 2, deals with events surrounding The Arrival. Considerable detail is added to what we know about the major characters (Category:Bowman family, Maddie, Alan Snyder, Eric Broussard) and various organisations during that time. It becomes apparent that The Hosts had well established relationships with allies on Earth before The Arrival.


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The Bowmans at Breakfast

It's the day of The Arrival.

In the Bowman's kitchen, Katie is cooking breakfast. The children, 'Bram, Gracie and Charlie are there and Will enters.

Will and Katie talk about his concern that Devon , his partner at work, has been doing something illegal. He doesn't know exactly what she's done.

Devon arrives, says hello to everyone and leaves with Will for work.

Katie and Charlie in the Car

Charlie's helping, telling his mother where construction traffic is causing problems in the city. He starts to have problem with the GPS software on his phone, it reports his position as being all over the city and beyond.

Alan Snyder Gets to Work

Alan Snyder arrives at work, Western Community College, talking to his wife on his cell phone. They are discussing their divorce and their shared house. He cuts her off, saying that he's at work now and can't talk.

In his office, he's told that some people are already waiting for him.

He goes into his office and finds two men waiting for him. They're not, as they told the office staff, from the text book supplier. They are there to recruit him.

They make him uncomfortable with their knowledge of his private (and illegal) financial affairs, persuading him to meet the group who want to employ him.

Will and Devon

Will Bowman is worried about what to do about his partner Devon, who he thinks may be crooked. After five years working together, he thinks she's too close to the criminals and doesn't believe the down payment for her new house in Santa Monica really came from her uncle. He tells her this over coffee before work, and says that he's requesting a transfer. His doubts have to wait, as they receive an urgent assignment.

They get into the office and are told that, overnight, seven military and government VIPs in the LA area have disappeared, including two aerospace engineers.

Broussard Comes Home

Broussard gets out of a taxi in front of his family's house. His sister greets him and takes him up stairs to see their mother. She's on oxygen, and dialysis twice a week. She wakes for a minute, sees her son and drifts back off.

Alan Snyder, at the LA River

Snyder is taken to a hidden builiding on the LA river in a convoy of official looking cars. He's given warm clothing and taken into a very cold room, to meet one of The Hosts.

Back in the car, the man who spoke to him at the office explains that he's being asked to make a choice. Snyder is shaken and can barely speak. They take him to his wife's house. he tries to persuade her to leave the city as soon as she can, she doesn't believe him. The two men follow him into the house and Snyder tells them to take his daughter. Snyder says that The Hosts will only take one - his ex-wife They drag his daughter out to the car, leaving her mother.

Katie and Broussard, at The Yonk

Broussard arrives at The Yonk, Katie obviously knows him, and knows what he drinks. She's pleased to see him. They chat, comfortably trading stories. Broussard tries to fix Katie's satellite TV, with no success. He gets a call and has to leave, he gives her an address and goes without saying what's happening

Will and Devon, Car and Big House

Will and Devon find the Lockheed engineer, Tim Lawes, hiding in a panic room at his house. He locked himself in when there was an attempt to take him. He reveals that he's on a list of 1,200 people in the U.S. who are supposed to be sequestered in the event of a major catastrophe. They take him back to the office where they learn that many more people have disappeared. Will calls Katie and tells her to get to The Yonk. Devon wants Will to leave office, he won't and she goes on her own. Katie manages to call Maddies, picks up Gracie from school, calls Maddie , tells her to pick up Hudson and take him to The Yonk and then all the cars stop working and the lights, power and phones go out, all over the city. Katie starts for Bram and Charlie's school on foot.

They find Bram at the school, but Charlie's ten miles away on a trip so they head for The Yonk instead. They reach The Yonk safely, in the evening, Will arrives and leaves on his mountain bike to get Charlie.


Another secret site, blue lights - met by Helena Goldwin - the Governor General's Chief of Staff. She talks about making the transition as smooth as possible, and about him being the most powerful man in LA.

Broussard, at VFW LA Post 1019

Broussard goes him, picks up grab bag and weapons - he leaves immediately for the VFW building. Many other ex-soldiers are arriving, no power, hushed voices, Broussard talks to someone he know - wants to scatter everyone but his friend doesn't see the need he goes outside and hurries away. The VFW building is destroyed behind him.

Katie, Bram and Gracie at The Yonk

Banging on door, Maddie and Hudson arrive, they see their first drones, explosions heard. By candlelight, Katie sings to Gracie, Maddie crying quietly.

Broussard, at Home

Broussard gives CPR to his mother, his sister watches.

Will on Bike

Will sees offices destroyed and then sections of The Wall land and fuse together, Will sees them land from the street, cutting him off from Santa Monica and his son.

Will in the Santa Monica Bloc

Present day

Will, dirty and dressed in old combats, approaches a group of armed men sitting around a fire, he explains he's looking for Charlie - that he's heard he's with Solomon. They attack him with a knife, stabbing him in the arm, search him and tell him to go

Katie, Visiting Bram in Custody

They have two minutes, she tells him Will is in the Santa Monica Bloc looking for Charlie. Maddie pulled strings to get the visit, but can't get him out.

Will in the Santa Monica Bloc

Will finds Devon's house, asks for her help. She doesn't look pleased, but does look as if she's going to help him.


"You don't get where I'm sitting by only making two or three mistakes. "
-Alan Snyder


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Surgical Strike of Rally Point of Special Forces Operators

Automated Installation of Gateway Walls

Season 2 Premiere Party, at The Yonk, Behind the Scenes




Location of the meeting site for Alan Snyder and the Host

  • The episode title is an allusion to the day and month of the Host's Arrival, which is November 13, when the Arrival began
  • The meeting site for the Host and Alan Snyder is in Sepulveda Dam
  • The building which serves as a stand-in for the FBI or Federal Building, is actually the former Headquarters for Union Oil of California, otherwise known as Unocal. Today, the building is a part of the Los Angeles Center Studios complex. The real Federal Building is actually located at 11000 Wilshire Boulevard.

    Los Angeles Federal Building

  • Unsecured Debt - Debt or a loan that is not secured by some type of collateral, such as a car or a home. Collateral is a means of insuring that a loan will be paid back in full. If the loan is not paid back, then those assets mentioned can be liquidated, to fulfill those obligations.
  • Secondary Education - In the United States, that usually means High School, covering grades 9-12, with some exceptions. With respect to this episode, Snyder works at a community college, which is considered a post-secondary educational institute.
  • Sequester - To isolate or hide away (someone or something)
  • Panic Room -  To paraphrase Wikipedia, it is a fortified room within a structure, which is used in the event of a crisis, natural or otherwise. It can be as simple as a small closet, with a reinforced door and deadbolt, to either a concrete or kevlar lined room bolstered with grillwork (or steel sheets), equipped with communications gear and well-stocked with emergency supplies to outlast a siege till law-enforcement can arrive on-scene.
  • AD - Assistant Director
  • VIP - Very Important Person
  • EMP - An Electromagnetic pulse is a short burst of electromagnetic energy, it can be natural or artificial. In the context of this episode, it's implied that it's artificial in origin.
  • SOCOM - United States Special Operations Command is what is known as Unified Combatant Command, that is a command that is composed of forces from at least two Military Departments or branches of service. It oversees the various Special Operations Component Commands of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force of the United States Armed Forces. It is part of the Department of Defense and based at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

Briefing Slide[]


The slide presented during the briefing

  • In regards to the slide presented during the missing persons briefing, the following acronyms/names were used:
    • CIA - The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a real-life civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government, tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence (HUMINT).
    • Boeing / Lockheed - The real-life companies, Boeing & Lockheed, are private defense contractors, amongst other things.
    • DARPA - The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a real-life agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. The Internet was originally called ARPANET and then for a time, DARPANET
    • National Geospatial Agency - The real-life organization National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is both a combat support agency, that is it takes part in high-level planning for wartime and other ongoing operations, under the United States Department of Defense, and an plays a role in the United States Intelligence Community. It collects, analyzes, and distributes geospatial intelligence (GEOINT),  data that has a geographic component such as coordinates elevation, terrain, and etc , in support of national security.
    • National Reconnaissance Office - The real-life agency National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) develops and operates overhead (satellite) reconnaissance systems and conducts intelligence-related activities for U.S. National Security.
    • Defense Threat Reduction Agency - The real-life agency Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is responsible for tracking, containing, and neutralizing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), such as Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical agents (NBC for short). The work is also known as counter-proliferation. Please note, in the episode it is referred to as the "Defense Nuclear Agency", an accepted abbreviation for the DTRA.


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