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One of Geronimo's posters.
We couldn't have known that "Geronimo" was really a marketing man, we were given no clues

Geronimo: The apparent leader of the Resistance


Geronimo was said to have created the Resistance to overthrow the Transitional Authority and the Hosts.

It turns out that "Geronimo" was just an advertising executive living in the Green Zone, creating posters and writing scripts for an actor, Luis Ortega, to broadcast by radio from different points in L.A. and at times that were made known to people using a code hidden in the posters. Luis Ortega was eventually arrested by Will Bowman and Beau; he was then tried and executed by the Transitional Authority.


The choice of name was inspired by the legendary Apache warrior, and also by the code name of the operation to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden[1]