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The Global Authority (German: Vorläufige Globale Autorität), also known as the: Global Transitional Authority, Interim Global Authority, International Global Authority and the IGA, is a global agency that oversees the colonies throughout the world. It may be related to the Institute for Global Advancement which existed before The Arrival.

VGA emblem

Emblem of the Global Authority.

All known members of the organization are human and it can be assumed that they derive authority from and work on behalf of The Hosts but the ultimate leader or decision maker is unknown. It was mentioned in the secret document that Broussard studied after Los Angeles total rendition of LA Block, that Global Authority leader was called President of IGA. The organization is divided into at least 14 regions that each of them have colonies.

Member nations of the Global Authority are the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, China, Argentina and the Arab Emirates.


Helena Goldwin, speaking at the Global Authority

The organization's existence was first revealed when Helena Goldwin spoke before a closed meeting. The front of the podium from which she spoke bears a logo with the words: "Vorläufige Globale Autorität",[1] or Provisional Global Authority (vorläufig can also be translated as "interim", or "transitional").[2] During the meeting, the members decided against "Total Rendition" of the Los Angeles bloc.

Staff Members[]


The Global Authority is based in Davos, Switzerland as can be assumed also in episode Harakiri (2x12). The Chancellor seen leading the meeting is called the Camille Rohner, also known as "Swiss Chancellor" in the program credits, which would seem to support this theory. Furthermore, the IGA is frequently mentioned to be in Davos.