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Homeland Security is a fictional organization in the TV series Colony, also known as the Redhats, or the Red Berets. They are also sometimes called the Raps, apparently a reference to raptors (the Homeland security logo features a stylized bird of prey).

Homeland Security is an occupying military-grade policing force under the control of the Transitional Authority and the Host. Members of the Homeland Security are ordinary humans who either volunteer willingly or are forced to join and work for the occupation. This could be for more privileges, such as additional food, better living conditions, an increase in authority and status over others or out of genuine sympathy and identification with the Host's aims.

Other than Homeland Security which is a local policing force, the Transitional Authority also operates a different force called Greyhats. These seem to far more professional, military class force. Greyhats are more of an attacking force by nature, while Redhats take the defense role. Greyhats also perform VIP protection missions, as well as securing the Hosts when they visit earth.


The fictional organization called Homeland Security was created after the Arrival. They are an oppressive organisation and hunt down the members of the Resistance.

United States Department of Homeland Security[]

The real-life Department of Homeland Security was created to counter both natural disasters and man-made events. The logo of Homeland Security in Colony bears a striking resemblance to that of the real-life organization.

Seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security

The Seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security