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These vehicles were used by the Homeland Security.


The Homeland Security uses their own vehicles to patrol the streets of Los Angeles, California.

Armored Personnel Carrier[]

Colony 12 to 6 curfew

The Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is used by Homeland Security to escort high-value targets and heavily armed officers through any potentially harmful situations, and are also commonly used for transporting a large number of troops between destinations.



The SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) are vehicles used for security in and around the Los Angeles bloc, typically used as patrol cars on streets and as getaway cars during snatch-and-grab operations.

Unlike the APCs used by Homeland Security, the SUVs are equipped with vibrant emergency lights and Rumbler sirens.

Homeland Security Transport[]

Homeland security transport
Prison bus

The Homeland Security Transport is a prison bus that brings prisoners and criminals to The Factory, driven by Transitional Authority employees and security provided by armed Homeland Security officers.