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Maya is a character in the TV series Colony.

She appears in Season 2, she's an inmate in the labor camp Bram is sent to. She's also a member of the Resistance group called the Red Hand; she uses and recruits Bram into the group.


Before The Arrival[]

Nothing is known about Maya's from before The Arrival.

Season 2[]

"Free Radicals"[]

While she is having sex with Bram, Maya asks him to steal Snyder's access card. When the two of them leave the container they've been using for privacy, the two members of the group who've been standing watch seem to know what's been happening. Bram does what Maya asks and also tells Snyder of an escape planned for that day and Snyder promises to try to send him home. When Bram brings the keycard to Maya, she looks a little sad and pours him a drink. They drink a toast "to liberty", as Frankie Brun did with another young man.

Maya's team fake the escape that Bram told Snyder about earlier, she and Bram take advantage of the chaos to sneak into the warehouse, where the pods are out of their crates and shrouded in red drapes.

The departing cargo ship has problems immediately

The departing cargo ship has problems immediately,

It struggles to gain height

it struggles to gain height

Visible all over the bloc

and the whole bloc can see it's in trouble.

Then it explodes

Then it explodes.

Maya opens a pod to "make room" ignoring the unconscious young woman who flops out, choking, hacking up some sort of green goo. Bram is still trying to process what just happened when they hear a noise. Maya arms Bram with a screwdriver and tells him to deal with the threat. Bram comes face to face with Jenkins, who relishes the opportunity to punish Bram. Bram is outclassed and losing until Morales comes to his rescue and kills Jenkins with two blow to the head. Maya doesn't return. A while later, the cargo space ship takes off and, just after it clears the camp, it starts to have trouble with damage from a small explosion spreading quickly. The ship struggles to gain height, and then the entire bloc sees it explode. Bram looks for Maya in the dormitory and Morales tells him Maya set off the bomb from inside the ship