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Mr. Carson is a character in Colony, he is Abraham Bowman's teacher at High School.

Bram calls this character "Mr. Carson", but he's credited as "Teacher".

Mr Carson has built a telescope and Bram offers to find a lens for it. Presumably in the abandoned area on the other side of The Wall that Bram has just visited with Pia. Bram gets a lens for Mr. Carson.

In the episode "In From The Cold" it is Mr. Carson who tells Abraham Bowman about the artificial structure he's spotted on the Moon.

In "Gateway", he and Bram are arrested by the RedHats for trespassing under the Wall.

In Season 2, in "Somewhere Out There", when he and Bram landed at a labor camp and was asked by Sgt. Jenkins what he did for a living. He answered that he was a High School Science teacher and was ordered back on the bus. That was the last we seen of him.



  • The partly built telescope looks to be of the reflecting type, and so would probably need a mirror to complete it, rather than a lens as Mr Carson tells Bram.