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Season 1 Episode 1

We're recruiting officers. We're with an agency called the Institute for Global Advancement. You're a man of vastly untapped potential, Alan. Your current employment in no way suits your talents. You were selected from a pool of tens of thousands of people.

I don't recall applying for anything.

You didn't.

Our clients have an algorithm that pre-selects their clientele for them. And you happen to be the perfect man for the job. - All right. - You own two properties. A one-bedroom condominium and a home where you used to live with your wife and your daughter. You make your alimony payments on time, you help in paying for your daughter's private high school education, and you carry no unsecured debt

- How do you-- -

You manage all this by making $72,800 a year as a purchasing manager for an unranked secondary education institution.

How do you know all this? Who the hell are you?

You've also managed, over a period of nine years, to divert a large amount of cash from this institution into an account held in the name of your long-deceased paternal uncle, also named Alan Snyder. You're a fascinating man, Alan. Alan, even great men make two or three critical mistakes in their lives. You don't get where I'm sitting by only making two or three mistakes. It's the choices you make today that will determine your future. All you have to do is say "yes. "

"Yes" to what, exactly?

To meeting our client.

Overnight, seven VIPs went missing in the LA area. The Deputy Director of  Central Intelligence, chief engineers at Lockheed and Boeing, an official with the Defense Nuclear Agency, and three senior military officers.Now, it appears that at least three of them were extracted by a militarized entity whose origin, at the present, is unclear.The others well, the others are unaccounted for.Your department heads have your individual assignments.The goal is to bring these people back home safe.

Can you share any theories as to what this is about, sir?

Unfortunately, we don't know much of anything right now. We're trying to keep this operation as small as possible until we know more. We don't want to embarrass the Bureau or create a panic. Thank you.

Still want to put in for that transfer, or you think you can suffer through another day with me?

coordinated terrorist attack

 I think our VIP's been downgraded from "missing" to "abducted".

What kind of engineer needs a panic room? Good question.

I'm not supposed to talk about this but I'm on a list. What kind of list? There are about 1,200 people here in the US in the event of a major catastrophe, a nuclear war, terrorism, natural disaster, those things, we all get sequestered. If society ends, we're the ones who are responsible for rebooting it.

The Hosts are only able to sequester a tiny percentage of the population.

Can we go talk outside?


Hang tight. We need to get outta here. Now? Tell me your survival instinct isn't screaming right now.

 They need us. -

Whatever's going on out there, a couple of feds aren't going to make a difference. I can't just walk out of here.

Who's walking out on who? See you around partner.

Alan Snyder? - Uh, yes.

One of our Proxies.

Welcome. I'm Helena Goldwyn, the Governor-General's chief-of-staff. - Nice to meet you. Yes. I know that this is a lot to process, but you just have to tell yourself that what's happening was inevitable. It's our job now to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. Keep moving. Right this way. It's a brave new world, Alan, and you're about to be the most powerful man in Hollywood.

What do we got? Some foreign coalition's making a move. They detonated an EMP in the upper atmosphere a few hours ago. Contact from SOCOM  told us to bunker down here. The Axis powers rise again right under the nose of our entire defense and intelligence apparatus? I'm labor, brother. Not management.

Smells like shit. We need to get outta here.

- What?

Whoever's behind this attack knows exactly what they're doing, and we just put every real operator in the city under one roof. If somebody wants to come down here looking to start some shit, they got a world of pain waiting for 'em. Take care of yourself.