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An Outlier is a human of significant importance to the Hosts to be experimented on as a biological weapon against their enemies. These people are sequestered and hunted by the Intelligence Directorate, and are not allowed to be killed by the drones. There are millions of people the Hosts seek out, for they need an army to face a greater enemy.

In special cases, Outliers were allowed to serve the Occupation instead of being taken to stasis chambers (pods) and sent into space. One example of this was when Will Bowman was instead recruited by then Proxy Governor Alan Snyder to the Special Police Force unit of the Los Angeles bloc. Utilizing his experience from his former employment, he repeatedly deployed and displayed his superior skills against the Resistance groups whose members were mostly just normal people without any military background. This was one of the many reasons why the Hosts wanted people like Bowman to add to their Outlier inventory.

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A sequestered human for the Hosts.

Outliers hold a range of special skills and are trained from various military groups and organizations worldwide. Former Special Forces members are an extremely desired Outlier type. Will Bowman and Eric Broussard, who both served in the 75th Ranger Regiment and the United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Unit, are among the many people the drones aren't allowed to obliterate.

After destruction of The Factory, the remaining Outliers were sent to a secret facility in the Seattle Colony, which currently has over 400,000 Outliers. It is safe to assume that The Factory had a significantly greater number of Outliers before moving them to Seattle.