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"I was really inspired by the Nazi occupation of Europe during World War II. Carlton was a fellow WWII nut, so when I pitched him the idea of doing this in modern Los Angeles with alien Nazis and a human Vichy government, he slow-clapped. That led to the show. Since then, we've been inspired by all sorts of things. North Korea. The Gulag system. The right-wing dictatorships in Latin America during the 70s and 80s. And even some current events right here in the US of A... "
-Ryan Condal, Mar 16 2017, on a reddit AMA[1]

"I don't understand the warning "don't open that can of worms." They're worms. Put the lid back on. Crisis averted."
-Ryan Condal

Ryan Condal is the executive producer of USA Network’s newest drama series Colony along with Carlton Cuse.

Best known as the screenwriter of the feature film Hercules, Condal also wrote “Plurality,” a sci-fi short film, “Infinite Horizon” a feature film based on a graphic novel series by Gerry Duggan and The Sixth Gun, a television pilot executive produced by Cuse.  When searching for another project to collaborate on, Cuse and Condal created Colony.

A graduate of Villanova University with degrees in accountancy and economics, Condal first started his career in advertising.

Raised in New Jersey, Condal currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Caitlin, and their black lab, Zoso.