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Seattle Colony was one of the seven Pacific Coast Region Colonies.


Since the day of the Arrival it was governed by Governor General Everett Kynes. In the eve of the Demi's invasion Everet Kynes was claimed traitor and technically Alan Snyder became person in charge of Seattle Colony.

Original Seattle Colony was governed with force, wich resulted with an insurrection. Then governor Keynes forced Global Authority to permit him to create a new model colony. The new policy included: total rendition, repopulation, no martial law, technological support from the aliens, social peace and welfare. Keynes organized than the Seattle Initiative as an administration, the Seattle Refugee Management Agency (SRMA) for repopulation purposes[1] and the Seattle Community Patrol (SCP) - as the police.


Seattle Colony is said to have one other bloc than Bellevue, where Kynes's secret command bunker was located. Denizens were alowed to travel between both blocs. There was no Green Zone in Seattle. Governor General's seat was located in some Seattle Initiative's building.

Military and Police[]

Originally Seattle Colony was protected probably by the Homeland Security.

As a new model colony - Seattle's only apparent police was the Seattle Community Patrol (SCP). They were just law enforcement officers. Due to low crime level SCP officers were not equipped with firearms during streetwork[2]. There was some covert security organisation, consisting of the outliers, within the Seattle Initiative. Blake Island facility guard were Grayhats.

When the Global Authirity seized the colony - War Directorate forces appeared (Grayhats). Some of their troops were deployed as sergeants for the SCP. Some heavy armed SCP unit was formed then as well.

Hosts' presence[]

Flying drones were not used in Seattle since Kynes's deal with aliens. Snyder didn't want the Hosts involved there as well. There were underwater drones protecting the Blake Island facility however.



  1. They were in charge of the refugee camp outside the wall.
  2. Their headquarters were supplied with assault guns however.