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The Stasis Chambers are technologies, used by The Hosts.

Chamber entry process[]

In order for an outlier to enter the chamber, it is necessary for them to undress completely and dress in a special plastic-looking, yellowish-colored cloth; This fabric is only rolled up and fastened around the waist in the case of men, and in the case of women, another strip is added to cover the chest. The origin or name of this fabric is not known nor has it been mentioned, or why its exclusive use and not that of another is necessary; but it is probably manufactured in the factory.

Next, a white and probably plastic oxygen mask, composed of four tubes, is placed on the outlier; which also has a long, transparent tube that is introduced into the subject's mouth and pushed inside as an intubation, probably reaching the stomach. A green, transparent substance that is sticky and oily is supplied through the inserted tube; The purpose of this mask is not known either, but if the mask is suddenly torn off, the outlier constantly vomits it out and may even choke on it and die. As shown in episode 7 of season 2.

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