Colony Wikia

The Colonies were established on the day of the Arrival. Large Walls fell from orbit and made perimeters around certain cities. People were stuck in these walls in some colonies. The Colonies also had blocs which were smaller regions. Each bloc is governed by a Proxy Governor and a Deputy Proxy Governor. Above the proxies was the Colony Governor General. Proxy Alan Snyder tells Katie and Will that there were seven colonies on the Pacific Coast Region. Many major cities suburbs are turned into blocs.


The colonies military and security are provided by the IGA.

Known Colonies, Blocs and Current & Past Proxies[]

  • Los Angeles Colony-Governor General Helena Goldwyn
    • Los Angeles Bloc- 1. Alan Snyder 2.Proxy Alcala
    • San Fernando Bloc
    • Santa Monica Bloc
  • San Francisco Colony
  • Seattle Colony- 1.Governor GeneralEverret Kynes 2.Governor General Alan Snyder
    • Bellevue Bloc
  • Dallas Colony
  • Tijuana Colony
  • Switzerland Colonies
  • Portland Colony

Fates of Colonies[]

So far the fates we know are-

  • Los Angeles Bloc-Total Rendition
  • Seattle Colony-Attacked by Hosts enemies
  • Tijuana Colony-Attacked by Hosts enemies
  • Dallas Colony-Nuked from orbit by Hosts(After death of two hosts)
  • San Francisco Colony-Unknown
  • Switzerland Colonies-Unknown