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The Factory is a location in the series Colony. It is a slave labor facility, controlled by the Transitional Authority and, ultimately, The Hosts.

We get a sample of what The Factory is about from Carlton Cuse:

"In order to gain more control over them, the Redhats even try to forcibly separate loved ones, order shoot-on-sight curfews and in the end send the guilty to the Factory. "
-Colony Executive producer Carlton Cuse[1]

The Factory may be mining Helium-3, as that is available on the moon and has been theorized to be a source of rocket fuel. This would answer why the Hosts would desire it.

The Factory, as discovered in the second episode of the third season, is used to make weapons.

In third season when The Factory is destroyed by Demis, IGA stop sending Outliers to space, which mean that very likely The Factory was also massive Outliers storage facility, where they were in stasis pod waiting retrieving for incoming Hosts-Demis war.


The Factory was made to build the defense grid for Earth and its new and original inhabitants. The factory is located on Earth's only natural satellite on the Sea of Smyth.

Later, the Factory is destroyed in an attack, when the Demis penetrated the Host's defense grid. The Factory, all its prisoners, presumably Outliers and IGA personnel were killed in the attack, resulting in a large loss for the IGA.




  • The way Carlos' group is processed when arriving at The Factory strongly resembles movies about WWII concentration camps
  • The set used for The Factory is the same set used in the 2009 Star Trek reboot film as the Enterprise's communications room.[citation needed]