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During the occupation, the Host spacecraft are launched a couple times a month, according to Alan Snyder. During the Collaborator cocktail party, Alan Snyder, Will Bowman and the party guests observes the launch of a Host spacecraft. (Pilot)

At school, Bram Bowman's teacher, Mr. Carson, has been studying the Hosts' spacecraft launches. After class, Bram talks with Mr. Carson, who explains that the last three nights, he was monitoring the skies, through a telescope and saw something huge in the Earth's low orbit that blocked the Polaris, before disappearing. It was implied that it was a large ship, bigger than other spacecrafts that the Hosts use. (98 Seconds)

The ship destroyed by Maya in "Free Radicals" was later revealed to be an "unmanned" cargo ship.

The ships were heading to Los Angeles for "Total Rendition" in the episode called, "Ronin".


  • Automated Cargo Ship: As destroyed by Maya in "Free Radicals".
  • Larger Ship, only observed by Mr. Carson because of the stars it occluded