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The Propaganda poster of the Resistance.

The Resistance, also known as The Insurgency and The Rebels, are a group who are fighting against the Transitional Authority, the IGA, and the Hosts.


The Resistance movement was formed after the Arrival. They began launching raids and assaults against the Redhats, in order to end the occupation in Los Angeles and other colonies. There was also a resistance group in the occupied Seattle, before they were quelled by the occupation. In the episode called, "Tamam Shud", it is revealed that there are more resistance groups outside of the colony. Leading main group of outside colonies were caught, when Alan Snyder worked as double agent.


For a time, about a year after The Arrival, a figure called Geronimo appeared to be coordinating The Resistance in Los Angeles, he made regular and very popular radio broadcasts, a lot of very professional looking posters also appeared. To add to the mystery, the times and radio frequencies of the radio broadcasts were hidden in code on the posters. Even within The Resistance, Geronimo was presented as an important figure by one-time Cell Leader Alexander Quayle. It turned out that the man making the broadcasts was an actor, Luis Ortega, who'd been hired by an advertising executive living in the Green Zone. The ad executive was behind both the scripts for the radio broadcasts and the posters - but did not appear to have any actual connection with any resistance groups

Seattle's Outlier Resistance Movement (also known as Project Phoenix)[]

Seattle's Outlier Resistance Movement also known as Project Phoenix by Everett Kynes' secret inside circle, was by far most professional and strongest Resistance movement in the world. While other resistance movements in other cities were mostly amateurs, in Seattle almost all members of Project Phoenix were former military Special Force soldiers and their movement had at least hundreds of them - possible even thousands. Everett Kynes had planned to use his group to coup against IGA.

They even reverse engineered Host's technology - for example they created alloy that was immune to Droids' advanced laser weapons and would eventually give big advantage against Host's main enforcer unit: droids. They also had multiple secret bunkers around Seattle and most of them were former federal armories with full of weapons. Their main bunker was in Bellevue bloc of Seattle colony and had resources to fight occupation for years and all kind of technologies that were needed in full scale war such are trauma units. Kynes also said that it was build so strong that his resistance movement would be completely safe from IGA there.

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