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The Wall is an enormous structure, as tall as a skyscraper and hundreds of yards thick. The Wall surrounds the city of Los Angeles, California. There are also many Walls around the globe. Los Angeles Colony has three known blocs. Los Angels, Santa Monica Exclusion Zone, and San Fernando Bloc. There is also a Portland Colony, Seattle Colony, and San Francisco Colony. These three colonies are three of seven colonies on the Pacific Coast Region. It is not known if this region stretches from Alaska to Chile. It may just be in the United States.

It was installed during the night of The Arrival, sections of The Wall were flown in and put in place, crushing any structures that were in the way.

There are Gateways that allows vehicles and people to pass through. These are controlled by The Occupation. One of these Gateways leads to the Santa Monica bloc.

The Wall is filled with countless drones that patrol the area and eliminate intruders. The drones appear to communicate and resistance members believe them to be exchanging a coded countdown that will end when the population of Los Angeles is eliminated. Despite the danger of the drones, there appear to be areas on the Wall where the security is not as high and there exist smugglers who have developed techniques to scale the wall.


The Wall was built by the Hosts, after The Arrival. The Walls came from space and folded out around certain areas.


Automated Installation of Gateway Walls