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Before the Arrival
May 18, 1969
  • The men in a smoke-filled room listen to an audio recording, in which astronauts discover a beacon on the "dark"[1] side of the moon, and hear what seems to be a coded musical message. The men decide to send a response. [2]
circa 2014
  • Broussard was in the military, at a camp in Basra Province, Iraq. Later he worked as a soldier in the private sector.[3]
  • The Transitional Authority is set-up, people and resources are gathered.[3]
  • Katie Bowman, daughter of a senior naval officer, meets and marries Will Boman, has a family, owns and runs the Yonk.
  • Will Bowman, meets and marries Katie Bowman whilst in the navy, joins the FBI, raises a family with Katie. Partnered with Devon Howard in the FBI.

Tabbed References and Footnotes[]

  1. The moon doesn't have a side that's always dark; it does have a side that's never seen from Earth. This is the far side of the moon.
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