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Season 2
Day 368+? "Eleven.Thirteen"
  • Will searches for Charlie and is attacked by Solomon's men. He goes to Devon Howard for help
  • Katie visits Bram, in custody for trying to leave the LA bloc
"Somewhere Out There"
  • Maddie joins the Greatest Day
  • Will retrieves Charlie and kills Solomon for the treatment of his son.
  • Red Hat Recruitment Center Attack
  • LA bloc security bolstered with professional staff
  • Bram ends up in the Labour Camp run by Alan Snyder, who recognises Bram and tries to use him.
  • Devon is killed trying to enter the LA bloc with Will and Charlie
  • Jennifer McMahon attempts to pressure Katie Bowman into supplying details of The Resistance
  • Charlie Bowman reunited with his family as he returns with Will.
  • Global Assembly Votes on "Total Rendition" for the L.A. bloc at a meeting attended by Helena Goldwin, the new Governor General of the L.A. bloc. They vote against the measure, to Goldwin's relief.
  • Jennifer watches the surveillance footage of the Bowman home and sees them
  • After Charlie burns a Greatest Day book, Will, discovers that the house is bugged
  • Jennifer destroys the surveillance footage and takes her own life, rather than betray the Bowman family
"Company Man"
"Free Radicals"
"Good Intentions"
"Tamam Shud"
"The Garden of Beasts"
"Lost Boy"

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