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The Arrival and The Year After, Season 1
Day 1
Day 337 "Pilot"
  • Will tries to smuggle himself past The Wall with a man called Spider. There's an explosion, Spider dies and Will is imprisoned by the Redhats[2]
  • Unaware that Will is being held, Katie Bowman tries to trade whiskey for insulin with Heloise, but the insulin is bad. She has to use a pistol to cancel the trade and leave the trading area.
  • Abraham Bowman trades goods at school, but another pupil, Jackson interferes with the trade. Bram attacks him with his backpack in response.
  • That night Katie goes to Carlos to ask him about Will's failure to return home. Carlos denies all knowledge of anything. Katie narrowly avoids being spotted by a patrol when returning home.
Day 338
  • Katie meets with Broussard to ask him about Will's whereabouts, but he cannot help.
  • Katie steals insulin from the hospital for her nephew Hudson Kenner.
  • Lagarza brings Will to the Green Zone. Alan Snyder meets Will there, and enlists him to capture Geronimo.
  • Will is brought home by the Redhats, he tells Katie that he is helping Snyder find Resistance members.
  • Katie tells The Resistance that she can get information from Will
Day 339
  • Snyder visits the Bowman home and prepares breakfast for them. Will tells Snyder that he wants his son back.
  • Snyder gives permission for The Yonk to be reopened.
Day 340

"Brave New World"

  • Carlos and his family get groceries and Carlos is arrested by Redhats shortly afterwards.
  • Will meets Phyllis and is assigned to find Andrew Hines with Beau.
  • Katie goes to the Yonk to clean it up. Broussard tells Katie to relay information on Will's search for Andrew.
  • Will interrogates Teresa about Andrew and discovers Andrew's location. After a chase, Andrew is found and subdued by Will.
  • While waitressing in the Green Zone, Maddie meets George.
  • Will finds Carlos in lockup while taking Andrew into custody.
  • Lucia and Mateo hide in the Bowman home. Will helps the two go to a safer location.
  • Katie meets with Quayle. He tells her to give him information on the investigation.
  • Beau tells Will the location of the bombing suspects, and tells him to meet with them. Katie tells Broussard the location of the suspects.
  • Will and Beau find the bombing suspects dead. Will determines that there is a leak feeding the Resistance information.
Day 341 "98 Seconds"
  • Luis Ortega does another broadcast.
  • Katie's first mission with the Resistance of attacking a Redhat truck ends with 22 people, including 17 bystanders and Resistance member Justin Kim, dead. The Resistance take a closer interest in Will when it becomes obvious he's making a real contribution to The Occupation.
  • The teacher, Mr. Carson, asks Bram if he saw the launch the other night (Day 338). The teacher says he saw an object in low orbit block the star Polaris from view.
  • Jennifer McMahon rounds up Justin's family and sends them to the Factory.
  • Pia shows Bram the tunnel under the Wall, introducing Bram to Pedro.
  • Beau and Will find a cache of Resistance guns at a community centre.
  • Quayle wants Will assassinated for finding the guns, but Broussard says intelligence gathered from Will, via Katie, could be more valuable.
  • The Yonk re-opens. Snyder visits the Yonk during its re-opening party, and announces his approval of the Yonk's re-opening.
  • Broussard assures Katie that Will will not be harmed.
Day 347 "Blind Spot"
  • Broussard and several other Redhats raid a school and arrest a teacher. Broussard uses a hidden camera to record the raid.
  • Phyllis determines that the Resistance is operating in independent cells. She tells Will of this discovery.
  • Katie and another Resistance member arrange for the Bowman home's study to be set on fire. Katie puts it out after 10 seconds and informs Will of the fire.
  • Katie enters the Transitional Authority building so she and Phyllis can discuss the fire. She takes note of the layout of the building as she is escorted inside.
  • Several tapes of Geronimo broadcasts recorded by Bram are seized by Homeland Security. They are shown to Will by Phyllis.
  • Will confronts Bram about the Geronimo recordings. Bram tells Will that notes on posters state when a broadcast is coming.
  • Katie gets a guarantee that Will will not be harmed from Quayle. Katie then tells him about Phyllis and her rank in the Occupation.
Day 348
  • Luis Ortega conducts another broadcast. After his broadcast, he is taken into custody by Will.
  • Snyder congratulates Will for capturing "Geronimo". Will tells him and Phyllis that he suspects that the captured man is not Geronimo.
  • Maddie is employed by Charlotte.
  • Phyllis destroys Bram's tapes and determines that Katie is working for the Resistance.
  • Phyllis goes to the Yonk and declares that Katie works for her now.
  • Phyllis and her husband are shot dead in her home by Broussard.
Day 349 "Geronimo"
  • Resistance members place Geronimo posters in various areas of the LA Bloc.
Day 350
  • Phyllis is discovered to be dead. Will, Beau, Jennifer, and Synder go to investigate. Will tells Snyder that he suspects that Geronimo operates in the Green Zone.
  • Shaun Miller is captured as he tries to communicate with Geronimo. Shaun is interrogated by Will.
  • Broussard explains why Phyllis was killed to Katie.
  • The Redhats raid a suspected Geronimo hideout. They capture two people claiming to be Geronimo.
  • Pia and Bram use tunnels to bypass the walls to the outside.
  • An announcement that Geronimo has been captured is spread throughout the LA Bloc.
  • Snyder is disappointed with Will, but he puts Will into Phyllis's position, tasking him with finding the dangerous Resistance members.
  • Will tells Jennifer about his suspicions that she is leaking information to the Resistance. She tells Will that Katie is likely responsible.
  • Will questions Katie on her conversation with Phyllis.
  • Snyder tells Helena about his plan to stop the Resistance.
  • Synder convinces Luis Ortega to help him.
  • Bram begins preparations to find a lens to make a telescope.
  • Will searches the Yonk for suspicious items his wife may have.
Day 351
  • Will apologizes for accusing Jennifer of being a leak. Jennifer tells him about her dead fiancee.
  • Ortega is put on trial.
Day 356
  • Ortega is found guilty of causing unrest, and is executed on live TV
  • The resistance prepares for a major operation.
Day 366 "Zero Day"
  • A Year And A Day After The Arrival, all over the city people release hot air balloons to remember those who were lost during The Arrival, others riot, set fires, big fires, and kill Redhats.
Day 367
  • Will and Beau, as part of Homeland Security investigate some of the Redhat deaths of the night before. They convince Snyder to let them investigate beyond The Wall.
  • APIS Cell, with Katie and Broussard, bomb the a metro train carrying a VIP and take a Host captive.
Day 368 "Gateway"
  • Homeland Security start a major search operation, looking for the missing host. The Hosts start retributions
  • The APIS Cell take the host back to their offices, they only have time to remove a module from the host's arm before the drones arrive.
  • After trying and failing to get his daughter to leave the bloc, Snyder gives the pass, intended for her, to Will. Will leaves for the Santa Monica bloc to find his son.
  • Alan Snyder is removed from office.

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