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The emblem of the Los Angeles Transitional Authority

TA Badge

Lapel badge worn by members of the Transitional Authority

The Transitional Authority, is an occupying organization that controls Los Angeles. They serve under control of the Global Authority and the Hosts. They also control Homeland Security. They are also sometimes called the Raps, apparently a reference to raptors (the Homeland security logo features a stylized bird of prey).


The Transitional Authority was formed after the event known as The Arrival. It is a proxy government that controls the city on behalf of the Global Transitional Authority which directly serves the will of The Hosts.

Scope of The Occupation[]

The area that The Occupation covers isn't known exactly, but there have been some hints.

  • There have been references that the rest of the world is effected by the occupation in season 3. Where Alan Snyder meets a member of the Global Authority that controls the entire North African branch.
  • Santa Monica - We know that the Santa Monica is separate from L.A., and that there is trade between the two blocs. From events in "Pilot" and in "Gateway" when we see people in Santa Monica.
  • The Pacific coast region, California, Oregon and Washington contains 7 colonies. From Alan Snyder, in "YOKNAPATAWPHA"
  • Helena Goldwin and others are in contact with someone in New York. From Helena Goldwin, in "YOKNAPATAWPHA"
  • Helena Goldwin also stated that two of The Hosts were killed during the Arrival in Dallas, and that the city of Dallas is a sheet of glass now.
  • The Los Angeles Colony is overseen by the Vorläufige Globale Autorität or Provisional Global Authority (vorläufig can also be translated as "interim", or "transitional" in this case), which is composed of a summit of 14 regional representative and a Chancellor. It appears to be based in Geneva. It is unclear whether this is the same body as the one based in New York.[1]



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