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Ok Already! Where Can I Watch Colony?[]

  • Apple iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, PlayStation, Microsoft Store.
  • In The USA
    • Colony Season 1 & 2 & 3 are available on Netflix.
    • Colony Season 1 & 2 are available on Amazon Video in SD or HD pay per view.
    • On USA channel, when Colony is airing - check TV Listings
    • USA Now: A service offered through participating TV providers that allows you to watch full episodes of your favorite USA shows online the day after airing on TV. Check their FAQ if you have problems. The apps for various devices are here. Participating TV Providers include:
      • USA Network
      • Comcast XFINITY
      • DIRECTV
      • DISH
      • TWC
      • Spectrum
      • Verizon
      • AT&T U-verse
      • Cox
      • Charter
      • Spectrum
      • Optimum
      • Bright House Networks
      • Spectrum
      • Suddenlink
      • Mediacom
      • Cable ONE
      • WOW!
  • In the UK
    • Colony Season 1 is available on Netflix (as of 8 April 2017)
    • Season 1 aired on Sky1 in 2016,
    • Season 2 is currently airing on Sky1 (starting July 2017), and each episode is available On Demand after being aired.
    • Now TV